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leaders of MARBLE

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leaders of MARBLE vol.1

Geographically, Turkey is situated right in the middle of the Alpine and Himalayan belt and its importance with regard to the world’s natural stone reserves should not be underestimated. Turkey’s estimated natural stone reserve is likely 5.1 billion m3. (Source: IGM, 2012) The most important indicator of the value of Turkey’s Natural Stone Reserve is in proportion to the world’s total reserve of marble. The world’s total reserve of marble is approximately 35 billion tons. With its 13.9 Billion tons, The Turkish Natural Stone reserve represents almost 40 percent of the world’s total marble reserve. 

According to the United States Geological Survey Report (USGS 2009), Turkey is located on the world’s richest natural stone expanse. In addition to this, these natural stones come in more than 120 different colors and patterns. Furthermore, these natural stones are regarded as high quality on the world markets. (Hatch Report, 2009) 

LEADERS of the MARBLE; with its quality and ore bearing deposit capacity, Turkey is ranked first in the world in the marble and natural stone market. Leaders of the Marble Project, which serves to introduce reliable companies onto the world stage is geared specifically to be an accessible database of leading companies that are representative of Turkey’s high quality marble and natural stones.

In the same capacity, they also place great value on respecting trade ethics, service quality, search and development studies, heavy machine pool and product quality. Far from petty competition, these companies stand on their own laurels and are making rapid advances especially with the importance they have accorded to product quality, sustainability and national interests. This, along with continued support from the State have made them and will continue to make them a force to be reckoned with on an international platform. 

These companies have made a difference with their product diversity, reliabililty, experience and expertise in the following areas:

- International Platforms
- Fairs and Exhibitions
- Marble and Natural Stones databases and will continue to do so with the continued support of the marble and natural stone database in 2014. 

Within the framework of the aformentioned project, the initial step of the process will begin at the Big5 Dubai International Construction Fair and will continue to expand with various set ups and procedures. Implementation of these steps will allow Turkey to become a focal point in the marble and natural stone trade. To facilitate the work of international buyers, a new classified and segmented database has been created.

For the initial orders, this, along with visuals will help avoid any mix-ups when dealing with the classification systems present on the Turkish market. Marble is an important and unique asset in Turkey and the Turkish State has shown its undivided support in developing, supporting and promoting international commercial cooperation in the marble trade, and will continue to do so in the future. 

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the republic of Turkey for its huge support in 2014 which has proved to be even grander and more successful than our expectations.