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We Are More Influential Than Before…

Marble, which has been regarded as a most valuable material for works of art, and on which artisans have performed their craft, nowadays is an expression of purity and naturalness. When placed in living areas of human beings, it makes man feel close to history, art, and nature. As KOMMERSAN marble, we are proud to have contributed for 25 years to marble’s historical journey that never lost any of its regard and fame.

The source for our experience and quality concept has been our friends, that is you, our dear customers, whom we are proud to provide our service. Our desire to make you satisfied with our service has helped us to become a professional team. This ideal has been the first and foremost principle of our quality policy. Our ideal to share our culture with the whole world in a way that fits this age becomes even more meaningful when combined with our environmentalist concept, which prescribes respect to the art in nature.

Come and let us respect nature as the dwelling place of real art along with our reverence for the art crafted on the natural stones which come directly from the heart of nature. Let us respect natural stones as the best of masterpieces.