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Nature Is Beautiful

Portsan Marble is one of the leading natural stone manufacturers in the world. Portsan is now celebrating its 26th birthday this year and for the last 26 years, its continuing mission has been to support humanity and arts, its vision has been to add contributions to human life and sciences.

Portsan is the supplier of natural stone blocks, slabs, tiles and mosaics. It has 650 employees with high quality training and attention to detail. Our products have a rich portfolio of surface finishes and we can accommodate diverse projects. Portsan has been proud of to develop and support thousands of projects so far in different parts of the world and our name gives the reassurance of quality, professionalism for the upcoming projects. Portsa has the balance between lead times and quality for which we do not manufacture poor quality products for the sake of shorter lead times. This business model has benefited Portsan to grow itself consistently in Turkey and all over the world.