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Natural stones, which are among the many diverse and unique materials offered by the nature, have shaped and changed our life spaces since the beginning of history of humanity. “Zirve Stone Gallery” has taken the relevant principle with its rich product range, its stock continuity, its specially designed warehouse and its unique presentation and managed to create a difference in the sector. Zirve Stone Gallery was established on the purpose of uniting distinguished natural stones and colors from different parts of the world with aesthetic locations. Zirve’s motto ‘Natural, Aesthetic, Distinguished’ provides service in order to convert the aesthetic beauties of the world to brand new life spaces, by courtesy of a distinguished touch.

Our firm was previously providing service as Doga Madencilik, one of the leading firms of the sector; it abandoned the industry due to the sectoral deterioration caused by the low-quality products. One of the partners of the firm, Mr. Hayati Benhabib, developed the same principle on the subject of work, moved towards working with more boutique and distinguished stones, and founded Zirve Stone Gallery. Within the relevant scope, both the warehouses at Sekerpınar and Ayazaga, and the showroom at Fulya, are locations where special samples of marble and natural stones are presented to the taste of users. Once there are new products, product visuals may be followed-up via the renewed webpage of Zirve Stone Gallery, in an up-to-date manner.

Marble, granite, onyx, limestone and semi-precious natural stones, selected from all corners of the world, are displayed at Sekerpınar – Ayazaga warehouses and Fulya showroom, with the beauty of natural stone museum. These miraculous products, which are part of our large collection, fascinate their visitors. These products, known as “Bookmatch”, are created through ensuring the grain follow-up of the mobility in slabs, laying these together and joining the grains. These products are like pictures, painted by the nature, and the most beautiful examples of bookmatch may be found at “Zirve Stone Galllery”.