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Global Brand

Thousands of years of the world old values are lying hidden underneath these generous lands.

For 26 years, Dimer Marble has been processing, manufacturing and transforming precious natural stones that have witnessed this thousands of years old history. As its position in the marble sector is getting stronger every day, like the thousand years old story of marble, Dimer’s name is spreading all around the world. Dimer Marble started its journey with a quarry business in 1987. The company increased its number of employees to 100 when it founded factories in Diyarbakır in 2000, whereas, previously there where only two quarries with 30 people working and one management office until 1997.

Soon, Dimer increased its number of quarries to three. And, with the adwent of the factory in the Diyarbakır Organized Industial Zone, it started to market products not only as blocks but also as processed products. Because the environment was fertile and conditions where favorable, Dimer Marble began to show its quality in the foreign market. Nowadays, Dimer Marble continuous to grow even more with its manufacturing capacity of one million cubic meters and about 500 employees; and thus, it has secured its position among the most powerful companies of the world.