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Beta Granit Mermer Ltd., has been an active and well-known name in the field of stone sector since 1988, offering exclusive ranges of marble, granite, and stone products. Our company is specialized in finding perfect and precious materials and supplying quality products at the best prices for project work and large scale installations.

We have our own staff talented in their fields, selecting products from companies in the countries the materials originate from, where our collaborating companies manage production based on market demand.

Exclusive products, as well as our standard range, are used in our facilities to carry out high-level projects combining tradition and experience with the most innovative technology. With innovation, quality, productivity, human development & growth and generating sustained surpluses, within the framework of compliance, we make every action under the shadow of truth to become
a preferred point of contact to our clients for their requirement.

We strive for constructing and maintaining a never ending relationship with our customers.