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Exclusive Quality In Natural Stone

Our group of companies which have become a global trade mark with the name of Alimoğlu Group has been established in 1940 as a small marble-mosaic workplace. Today, in various marble quarries across Turkey and integrated factories in Afyonkarahisar, we continue our work by using advanced technology.

Alimoğlu Group takes the nature’s gifts of marble, travertine and natural stones and processes them at international standards by its team of experts. The group offers its quality certified product and its matchless “Anatolia PHRYGIA Stone” collection to the use of global consumers, especially those from United States, the European countries and the Far Eastern countries.

Today Alimoğlu Group, under the leadership İbrahim Alimoğlu and its professional and corporate structure takes the pride in its contribution to the Turkish economy and the beauties that it offers to humans worldwide while it at the same time continues its walk towards future with confident steps as an environmentally and socially responsibility and exemplary business enterprise.