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New Sense Of Marble

Thousands of years ago marble has taken shape in Limestone by Metamorphic Occurence.

Before Christ marble has been used in many buildings. According to this thought the Han Stone Company became a group with different usage, colorful usage of marble have been synthesized by architectural meaning and design factor .

In 2000 Han Stone has been established by Hakan Kızıltuğ and became an architectural designer group integrated into the marble sector. Han Stone company has joined thousands of projects like shopping malls and restaurant projects. In Kartal an area of 10.000 m2 factory and 2000 m2 closed showroom have been established. In this area thousand of different tissues, different colored imports and Turkish marble slabs are displayed in the Showroom. Some of these slabs are imported from Brazil, Italy, Spain, Portugal and India. These slabs are cut to sizes in the stockyard with special process.

The last two years Han Stone Company started producing marble furnitures like coffee tables, counters , thin tables, keson, dresuar etc.

Han Stone Export finished architectural product collections to America, Austria, France, Azerbaijan and many other countries.

According to this aim Han Stone became a solution company dealing with architectural groups by showing exotic marbles, natural stone stocks with an ambition to use these marbles in different designs.