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Master Of Stone

Starting from 1990’s, Başaranlar Marble as a leading brand in natural stone industry, constantly renewing itself and continues to add value to the living areas.

As well as the variety of stone, the company also offers wide range of productions that enables infinite design options in each space such as floor and wall claddings, stairs, columns, mosaics, tumbled stones and custom productions. Furthermore, Başaranlar Marble diversifies its production with different types of surface finishings particularly polished, honed, brushed face, tumbled, sand blasted and bush hammered. Başaranlar Marble has been exporting 60 percent of its production mainly to Europe, USA, China, Russia and Turkic States, and domestically marks in hotel, residence, shopping mall and the high-end projects. Başaranlar Marble’s factory and head office are located in Denizli and to provide more efficient service to its customers, the company has branch offices in Istanbul and Izmir. Başaranlar has a natural stone collection that gives inspiration to designers with its outstanding patterns and beautiful color transitions. The company continues to present itself proudly as master of stone both in Turkey and all around the world.