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Sensitivity Of The Jewellery

Efendioglu Marble was established in 1967, in Trabzon with purpose of becoming a supplier for local marble workshops and producers. In time the company has grown larger and it moved to Istanbul in 1974 and later to Orhangazi/Bursa in 1990 which is still its headquarters today.

The company, as one of the leading producers in Turkey insists upon processing marble with care it deserves. Thus Efendioglu factory equipped with finest machineries operated by capable and experienced personals. The company always keeps itself up to date and does the highest quality production in an environmentally responsible attitude with nearly 200 personnel. As a result of quality approach and service understanding of Efendioglu Marble it has completed lots of projects successfully around the world such as prestigious hotels, state buildings and malls. Efendioglu does not only aim for keeping its current success but also trying to improve by new investments in its quarries and factory. The company tries hard to be a company for the future with strong focuses on occupational health and safety, environmental responsibility and sustainability.