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Interest towards the natural stone which is the corner stone of the civilizations has been increasing day by day. Besides building materials which are production of uniform industry, the natural stone subtracted from nature and each piece is an object of art giving a meaning, a culture, an elegance to your spaces with a mystical touch as well as hundreds of advantages that it provides. Ermas Marble built in Antique Karia region (Mugla) where the culture of the Anatolia’s Mediterranean has continued to supply marbles and travertine used in palaces, cities and wonderful monuments, to the service of our country and the world since the antique eras.

Ermas Marble started operations in 1985, today with its three fully equipped factories, its 6 travertine and marble quarries and its qualified staff of 400 people is a solution partner creating added value for our people, region and country. Special production and applications are completed in our in house workshops and presented for their appreciation of our customers.

The best marble and travertine in the region come from the mines, are then processed with the latest technology in the fabrics and are transformed into hundreds of production groups and elegant collections. Our aim is to locate the Ermas brand as the brand of quality and esthetics in the whole world by producing high quality material and separately attractive natural stone collections which can represent alternatives for the building designers.