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LEADERS of MARBLE, a project by KONSEPT PROJELER®, carries the mission of promoting and introduction of marble, the miraculous product of nature and one of Turkey’s most important sources. For marble sector, including a special classification of technical features, starting with the most must-known products, steps like bringing together users and decision-makers with the products and industry were followed. Finally in 2014, at the Verona- Marmomacc Exibition, our project, continuing with LEADERS of MARBLE vol.2, goes on by giving clients of the sector the opportunity to meet on our web sites  and

Marble, a special design of nature; with exclusive, reliable and conscious companies of this sector and their experiences the LEADERS of MARBLE Project established a special communication. With investors' choices and the creativity of architects exclusive and unique living spaces are developed. This special product marble is introduced by the LEADERS of MARBLE Project to most exclusive clients.