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Commercial Correspondence Module - MD b2b?

Leader’s of MARBLE which is a project focused on comprehensive promotion in domestic and foreign markets of Turkish marble and Turkish producer-executive companies in this field, continues to enlarge its influence area with new applications of vol.2. Requests are being collected with MD b2b  connection, which creates opportunity for the products of Leader’s of MARBLE user companies to take place in different and new projects.

MD b2b, is built for architects and investors in need of marble products and applications to get fast and comprehensive offers by forwarding their requests of information, samples and offers regarding marble to the right contacts. To make a demand it is enough to click on MD b2b button on page of selected item and fill the required fields. System allows saving and querying of received answers in the same module. This work which is the first phase of Commercial Correspondence Module will continue to support commercial activities with different developments in other phases. Please click here to contribute the process suggestions and comments.

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